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2010-12-21 17:46:59 by EbonHawk7X

I got tired of looking at the old post XD

getting better

2009-01-22 23:31:07 by EbonHawk7X

ya, well, i guess i just had to change the post because it was old as hell and i'm not as much of a noob anymore.
starting now i will stop submitting everything i make and only submit the half-decent peices, as well as remove the shizzle (ya, that's right) that i have put up on here.
if you don't already know me... i guess i'm pretty cool, i like to post fun little one-liners that i come up with on all of my songs, i like every genre of song... except shit (idk if anyone likes that). i try to do my best on all of my songs so don't hate on me, remember: everytime you vote zero, a baby seal dies ;{

k well, thats pretty much it, dont be afraid to pm me or comment on my songs. yes, you are free to use any and all of my vids in your flashes and stuff (if anyone ever wants to) as long as you pm me to tell me that you did.

have fun and stay classy


getting better

I iz still n00b

2008-09-14 17:50:26 by EbonHawk7X

so, this is my account on NG, where i will be posting all of my songs made in FL studio (damn strait).
i started out with a demo at mah friends house and posted my first song ever titled "epic Redemption" (that name suks) on his acount: toast242. i like to make songs cuz its fun and any reviews i get are greatly appreciated and taken to heart. there isnt realy any genre of music that i dont like , except country music which i never really liked (dunno y). the types of music i like the best are Techno, Trance, a few hip hop songs, and rock (all kinds). if you wanna tell me something without reviewing or halp me out than plz do cuz i read all my PMs. plz tell or ask me if you can use my songs in your flash movies (even though u prolly wont cuz i am still a newb). i try to respond to almost every review i get and since i dont get that many (or if i ever do get alot), so i chak out all the stuff that the pple that review me have and vote on it an ocasionaly leave a review. well, i think thats everything i can say right now so dont forget the one rule of mankind:
"he who smelt it, delt it"

Peace out world and stay not-F'ed-up while i iz alive,